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Exercise, diet and IBS

It’s been a couple of months since my last post and decided to do a little quick update!

I’m now at 16 stone 12 pounds so lost another huge amount which has made not only a difference to my body but my mind-set when it comes to food, drinks and exercise. The problem I have as when I get excessively stressed with my panic disorder, my IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) can occasionally make it very difficult to keep on track. It causes me with difficult stomach issues and does take it out of you 😦 However pushing through these boundaries and carrying on is the only thing you can do and symptoms do eventually improve even ust for a little while. The gym is graced by my presence upto 6 times a week and I’ve recently taken up Body Step, Spinning and Yoga.

Exercise really can be gradual and I now know how important it is along with diet to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Understanding food is key to weight loss and what it contained in these bad foods. It’s very obvious how certain foods and lifestyles can increase your weight so quickly and I think once you get your head around it, it’ll become easier.

Below is my weight loss so far…will post a before picture in another blog. Until next time……


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