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Welcome to the new improved David City!

Well, over 19 months since my last post, I’ve decided to start my blog again.. I needed some inspiration and as much as I am passionate about promoting health anxiety and panic disorder awareness, I’ve decided to become a little bit more selfish with a new project.

The project is ME!

After quite a depressing family history of illness and losing both my parents in the past 5 years, my diet and outlook on life had become jaded. The project officially started in February this year after a complete fresh start, new home, new car and a different outlook where I set myself some goals which are as follows:

  1. Start a weight loss mission- starting weight 19 stone 9 pounds
  2. Join a gym
  3. Learn and experiment with different foods and recipes
  4. Give up smoking

5 months later and I’ve achieved every single one of these goals. After having quite a shock with my starting weight (not being on any set of scales in over two years) this became my determination. See below where I currently am with each:

  1. Between February and now (July 13th 2011), I’m now 17 stone 9 pounds. I’ve been voted Man of the Year, Slimmer of the Week and Slimmer of the Month at my local weight loss group
  2. Joined a gym in Milton Keynes a week after starting my weight loss mission, love exercising and trying to push myself with resistance and cardio training
  3. Already loved cooking but created new recipes which are low calorie and great snacks
  4. Gave up smoking on Sunday 26th June- 2 months earlier than planned

One thing I can say is this journey is tough, I’m losing weight slowly to ensure it stays off and is a very slow process but have decided through new blogs and daily diaries, hopefully others will draw inspiration but it will also keep me on track.

I’ll be brutally honest starting with a daily diary for Wednesday 13th July after I’ve posted this blog explaining my project and will talk about my excercise, feelings on food and general score for myself between 1 as worst and 10 for great day.

Speak soon and keep your eyes peeled, once I hit a certain weight, I’ll post before and after pictures! 🙂


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