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Lifetime Goals- Where did you see yourself?



When we were younger, we all had dreams and aspirations we wanted to achieve when we were older. How many have you achieved and have these changed as you grew up?

Mine used to change on a weekly basis from the age of 7 even up to the present day. Back when I was under the age of 10 it was a combination of things. The things I tried were gymnastics, judo, swimming, playing the recorder, violin etc. At most I was told I was talented and could go far but like most children I changed my mind and didn’t want to do them anymore. The only aspiration that has always stayed was my passion for art/design, architecture, history and music. In my teens and after completing my GCSE’s my biggest interest was Interior Design/Architecture as it was what I was studying for my BTEC National Diploma.

My biggest dream was to get into my chosen University even though it was a far distant dream because I hadn’t done too well in my first year and re-took the beginning of the second year again. My passion and determination paid off and I was offered my place at Nottingham Trent. But I didn’t take it.

After my Mum passed away due to financial reasons I went into full-time work which I’ve never regretted it does play on my mind what could have been. 2009 would have been the year I graduated and became a BA Hons in Interior Architecture and Design and I’d hoped to become a University/College lecturer in Interiors and base my career on this and working freelance in my spare time.

These aspirations have now changed as I’ve entered my 20’s after working full-time in an international industry. My new passion is languages and culture. I’d love to travel the globe and visit these places that I work with every single day in the job I do, learn the languages I quote to translate into. Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia, Japan, China, the America’s, so much diverse culture that needs to be experienced.

Personal aspirations also change as you get older. I crave to meet that one special person that completes you and looking long-term the life you’d like to have with them. Very adult thoughts of owning your own home, children, pensions, life insurance..something you’d never have considered 2-3 years ago.

I’d love to know of people who have fulfilled all the aspirations/dreams and challenges they have set out to do in life and what do they feel once they’ve achieved them. My main achievement so far is becoming Student of the Year in 2006 for Interior Design watching my Mum in the audience crying her eyes out and how I’ve become and adult.

My main message is that life itself is a goal to achieve, getting through it as successfully as possible, cramming in as much as possible, working as hard as possible to experience the things you only dream about and making them a reality. My list even though appears short is incredibly detailed extensive….one of which I will work on completing for many years to come.


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Growing up/Independance












Growing up and achieving independance I think can be one of the most difficult things a person does.

 This coming from my own personal experience after being thrown into the adult world at the age of 19 after my Mum passed away in December 2006. I’ll freely admit that I have a relatively priviledged upbringing and even though we were not incredibly well off, we didn’t often worry over money and my perception then was if I needed money I could get it. When I was in college I was a typical teenager who would spend their part time monthly wages in one shopping trip(oh them were the days!).

On the 23rd December 2006 I was thrown into the adult world. Losing my brand new car, left with outstanding debts, losing my family home and changing my entire life to surive. Giving up Uni due to financial reasons and trying to find my way but starting a completely new chapter. 2007 was my year of mistakes.

I avoided bills whilst I was unemployed like it was the plague and as they built my worries became unbearable. Taking on a loan so I could move out of the family home which I had to leave due to it being a council property, moving into a stupidly expensive privately rented 3 bedroom house with a friend I couldn’t afford, making mistakes with credit cards and eventually having to admit my failings and rent only a room and build this up again.

But…now to the positives. In the same year I secured myself a job as a Sales Administrator at a translation company, even after admitting I took on a crazy expensive house I rented rooms for nearly a year and a half, cutting my bills each time and eventually giving up driving to save even more money. In that time I’ve also been promoted to a Coroporate Account Manager and now rent a very moderately priced (still expensive) 2 and a half bedroom house and working on getting my debts out of the way by the time I’m 25. I’m also looking into starting a new degree part time whilst I work as my goal in life is to make my Mum proud and a degree is something she’d always wanted me to get.

I would love to go back to May 2007 and slap myself in the face…the person I was, was immature, inexperienced, stubborn, snobbish and just different. But then again I was a teenager and bound to make mistakes. I now love looking forward to the future, my family are my friends, I’ve built up what I’ve got and proud of what I’ve achieved. I’m proud to be a 21 year old completely independant individual and would love to tell other young people, your bound to make mistakes but everything is life experience and enjoy life for the moment and the small things, not material things.

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